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“More than 200 million users across more than 50 countries use our solutions to stream the videos they love!”

“Since its creation, Broadpeak has built its growth around one mission: to roll out software solutions worldwide that stream content that people love with exceptional quality of experience. More than 200 million users across more than 50 countries use our solutions to stream the videos they love! This success stems from a resolute commitment to innovation which enables us to directly meet the expectations of major market players, whether operators, platforms or new media. Our customers today include leading players like Bouygues Telecom, Orange, Telecom Italia, Deutsche Telekom, HBO, Mola TV, StarHub TV+ and Megacable. Financially, we are also performing very well, with average annual growth of 40% since 2015 and demonstrated profitability. With these initial steps behind us, we are now ready for a change in scope and to bring revenue to the €100m mark by 2026. Our IPO project is central to this, and I hope it will attract future shareholders ready to benefit alongside us from the tremendous opportunities in our market.”

About us

of the data generated globally are provided by video streaming

Video streaming already accounts for more than 50% of the data generated globally and its development continues to accelerate driven by fundamental trends: acceleration of uses with the development of fibre and 5G networks, broad increase in multiple subscriptions and the explosion of viewing times, acceleration of targeted advertising, transition of the market to the cloud…

All of this means there are many challenges ahead. For spectators worldwide, the aim will be to guarantee quality of experience across all screens, everywhere, at all times, regardless of viewing conditions.

Sector professionals also have high expectations: audience retention, monetisation of services, control of infrastructures, energy consumption, etc.

Since its creation in 2010, Broadpeak has been responding to all of these challenges by providing high-performance software solutions to the world’s leading streaming providers: large TV and telecom operators, global OTT players, as well as new media in the spheres of business, sports and entertainment.

At the end of 2021, Broadpeak had already secured 125 loyal customers across 50 countries, representing 200 million spectators worldwide. Our customers include leading players like Bouygues Telecom, Orange, Telecom Italia, Deutsche Telekom, HBO, Mola TV, StarHub TV+, Megacable, etc.

Source: Sandvine – The global internet phenomena report January 2022

Broadpeak in figures

Growth and profitability

Average annual growth of 40% since 2015
2021 revenue of €33.1m, gross margin up 50%
EBITDA margin of 9% of revenue in 2021


Nearly 90% of business generated abroad
125 customers across 50 countries
Operating directly in 21 countries


€40m invested in R&D since 2010
47% of the workforce mobilised
11 patent families


Extra-financial high maturity rated “advanced”
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Why Broadpeak?

An international leader in video streaming software solutions

Since its creation, Broadpeak has invested €40m to build a portfolio of software solutions covering both the main streaming functions (packaging, recording and storage of content, customisation and targeted advertising, multi-screen replay, etc.) and the most advanced applications: streaming of third-party content, management of networks and quality of experience, AI solutions for predicting and anticipating incidents, optimisation of live event retransmissions ("ABR multicast"), 5G, etc.
Solutions that are already deployed today across 50 countries for clients with more than 200 million loyal spectators worldwide.

A market expected to reach nearly €7bn in 2022, and to show steady growth

Broadpeak’s solutions meet the precise expectations of all streaming players, whether spectators or sector professionals (operators, broadcast platforms, new media, etc.). Broadpeak therefore is positioned at the centre of a fast-growing market that is expected to reach nearly €7bn in 2022 and more than €11bn by 2026 (1).
(1) (1) Frost & Sullivan, Internal Market Research
Global forecast to 2025 & Limelight Quarterly Report & Limelight Networks, Strategy Session, 2021 / & MarketsandMarkets - Content Delivery Nework Market

Average annual growth of nearly 40% over the last six years, demonstrated profitability

Since 2015, Broadpeak has generated average annual growth of around 40%. It delivered a very strong year in 2021 with revenue increasing by 38% to €33.1m.
Earnings were also on track, with gross margin up 80% in 2021 (to €26.7m) and EBITDA of nearly €3m.

An increase in recurring revenue accelerated by the commitment to SaaS

Broadpeak's growth since its creation has been based on a highly visible revenue model that combines customer-driven sales growth and recurring revenue. In 2021, 20% of revenue came from maintenance contracts and initial income from SaaS activities. Broadpeak aims to increase the contribution from recurring revenue to around 40% of total business by 2026.

Solid visibility for 2022, high but realistic ambitions: Revenue of €100m by 2026 for EBITDA of 20%

For 2022, Broadpeak already expects revenue of €41m, representing growth of around 25%. By the end of March 2022, the order book was such that 60% of this target was already secured, with first quarter growth of more than 40% at €7.7m.
Where earnings are concerned, Broadpeak is confident it can achieve positive EBITDA, incorporating the investments needed to speed up gains in market share.
For 2026, it is targeting revenue of €100m: X 3 compared to 2021. This will include a contribution from recurring revenue (maintenance and SaaS) of around 40% of total business and an EBITDA margin of 20%.


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